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Connecting Hearts and Homes

Siblings Together was founded in 2008 upon witnessing first-hand the detrimental impact & loss experienced by failing to maintain vital familial attachments between young lives. The toll it takes on their mental well-being and stability is evident, with lasting repercussions that unfortunately extend into their future. The innate human longing for belonging, identity, and a profound familial connection is too often overlooked. Our mission is to establish services and opportunities that enable and prioritise these vital relationships, recognising the immense advantages that come from nurturing lifelong sibling bonds and close connections. With heartfelt dedication, our efforts revolve around nurturing resilience, strengthening bonds, and enriching the overall well-being of those we work with. At our core lies the profound belief that nurturing a solid foundation of familial ties lights up the path toward even brighter and more promising futures.

For the Future

Establishing Long Term Support

We want to ensure children in care and care leavers are equipped with lifelong emotional skills and relationships in order to thrive long beyond their time in care. This is why we continue to work with care leavers through our Creative Connections retreats and more. We establish ourselves as a hub for those both in and out of the care system, providing support for years to come. Many of our young participants have gone into adulthood and earned incredible opportunities such as university, and the close relationships we form with them means we are honoured to share, support and celebrate these experiences with them.

Who We Help

Our programmes and volunteers support children of all backgrounds and ages within care, adoption or kinship. Additionally, our work with older care leavers is a central component of the support we provide. Currently, our services cover London and the greater surrounding area, with excursions in areas across the UK such as Devon and Yorkshire.

  • Southwark¬†
  • Tower Hamlets
  • Lambeth
  • Bromley
  • Lewisham
  • Camden
  • Enfield
  • Redbridge
  • Westminster
  • Ealing
  • LBHF
  • Essex
  • Surrey

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