Creative Connections Programmes / Careleavers Creative Retreats


Creative Retreats for care experienced people:

Up to a week long residential experience, facilitated by skilled Art Psychotherapist whereby we create space for your creative voice, which matters, to share your stories and to find ways of expressing yourself that make sense to you. A chance to reflect and Pause in your life : Through Visual art’s, Dance, Poetry, Creative Writing workshops., Mindfulness, these are held each day along with reflective sessions for those wanting to share their work and make sense, each day. All participants sign up to a code of conduct which is safe and respectful towards one another. In addition to camps and the monthly activity days, Siblings Together organises a range of other exciting opportunities for young people in care and care leavers and are not exclusive to sibling groups. We strive to work in partnership with creative organisations to offer opportunities that enable young people in care & Care leavers to develop their skills and confidence together. We have previously partnered with The Young Vic Theatre and the Royal Opera House, Roundhouse, Questors, Arvon, The Poetry Society.

If you are an organisation, theater, group or project looking to increase your reach for Looked After children, Careleavers we would like to hear from you. Please do not hesitate to contact us at

We work closely with Art Therapists /Drama Therapists/ Photo-therapy/ Mindfulness practitioners. All have a strong influence upon upon our work and ethos.

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“I have never come across an organisation that can reach children in care with voice and understanding.  I believe that every child should have a chance to reach their dream no matter where they have started their journey from.” Quote from young person.

Young Vic Theater, Waterloo

Our younger group were given the amazing opportunity to take part in workshops run by the Young Vic Theatre in London.  A 15 young young people took part in a taster workshop for the day.  During May half term a group of approximately ten budding young actors and actresses aged 13-17 years old joined the Young Vic Theatre for the week to develop and explore the themes of a current play.

Public Enemy based on the 1882 play, “An Enemy of the People” by Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen follows one man’s struggle to do the right thing, even though the masses oppose him.  In the workshops the young people explored how it felt to be held back by society and isolated as well as the struggles to be courageous and stand up for what is right.  The workshops built up to a wonderful showcase of the young people’s theatrical talents on their final day in front of a packed crowd of family, friends and many supportive staff from the Young Vic Theatre.  The performance included singing, poem recitals, personal stories and theatrical performances.  All the young people received a certificate for their attendance and two of them have been invited back for an audition for a parallel production of “A Season in the Congo” which will have a professional director, designer and creative team.

We wish our two young people GOOD LUCK at their audition and thank all the staff at the Young Vic Theatre for running such creative and inspiring workshops.
Update from our successful Writers week at Arvon :

We have hugely benefited from working alongside The Arvon Foundation: their very creative weeks at Toleigh Barton near the village of Sheepwash, Devon. In conjunction with the staff of siblings together the tutors for the week were Karen McCarthy Woolf and Jacob Ross who were integral to the week making it an amazing experience for the young people. Lemn Sissay was also a visiting poet and his contribution was phenomenal, he truly inspired young people with his poetry. I would also like to extend a special thanks to the team from Bradford who complemented our own team very well. The week was very important in offering young people who have a passion for creative writing the opportunity to be guided and helped in a friendly and supportive environment. Although this is all well and good, myself writing about the week, the absolute best way for the reader to understand how this week has helped the young people is by letting you read some of their comments:

“It was brilliant”

“It helped me a lot”

“I came down to learn some new skills for writing, and I learned a lot.”

“I have achieved writing a piece of work that I’m proud of.”

“The course is great. I loved it.”

“It was life changing for me”

We have compiled the pieces of work produced by the participants into an anthology, which is available to anyone interested in having a read through the stories and poetry of the young people. Contact about this:

In addition to our experiences with the activities the facilities and service provided by the Arvon foundation were excellent. The food which was provided by the foundation was of the best quality, locally produced meat and vegetables. We all cooked delicious together in alternate teams which provided young people with a sense of achievement and independence.

Arvon invited us back to their Yorkshire residential at Lumb Bank House

Many thanks to The Arts council England for helping fund our creative writers weeks since 2013.

The ‘Open Nest’ For permitting us to use their land and barns for a week of workshops & retreat 2018
Lower Treginnis Farm in St Davids, Pembrokeshire SW Wales, for our retreat at their center 2018
Our Barge for weekends on the Grand Union Canal, Camden Town, London 2019, with many more in the planning stages.

A number of our participants have set off to University to study creative writing, performance, some have created books, their own spoken word poetry.
Special thanks to Joelle Taylor, poet play-write, for her Slambassadors programme, which enabled young people to perform their work live on a west end stage!!.
We also thank the South bank Centre for enabling us to make use of their workshops space
high up on the south bank.


Siblings Together is a charity which initially began by working to build and strengthen relationships between brothers and sisters who have been torn apart and separated by the care system.
This is both complex and highly rewarding work, though on the journey of finding out what works we had to acknowledge that a high number of youth in care had been unable to create quality lasting positive relationships generally. Some of us were acutely aware of this sad fact, hence it seemed only natural to continue to support those older individual siblings leaving care ongoing, as well as those without family members to broaden our work to account for this reach. At our core remains siblings together focus, upon creating projects which offer further opportunity to be creative, find a voice empower those leaving care and to actively and creatively build upon positive relationships overall. No matter what religion gender ethnicity, over 18. We have embraced this continuous journey to promote and seek out healthy minds and souls..

We have brought together many groups of young care leavers from across UK came to Totleigh Barton for a creative week which has altered lives in many more ways.
At Totleigh our group were led by magnificent writers such as Jacob Ross and Karen McCarthy Woolf, Lemn Sissay as guest writer.
CEO of Siblings Together, Delma Hughes said: “I cannot thank you and your team enough for offering such an incredible programme…it worked a dream for our group, absolutely brilliant. The young people were deeply moved, highly encouraged and motivated beyond all expectations by how much better things can get. I would run one every week for all children in care if this were possible…”For more information about our partnership work click here.  


This is what one of the young people had to say about their time at our writing week.

The Arvon centre in Devon was truly inspiring to me, when I went there to visit recently. I met so many young people, like myself who have had a difficult past, and were using the medium of writing to express it, all in our own personal ways. The help that I got from this group and the published writers I met made me truly realise my potential in this area. It gave me a way to talk about my thoughts and emotions on paper, which helped me work through a lot of issues, I felt that I couldn’t talk about openly with the advice I was given by everyone there, I discovered it was a truly life changing experience for me, and I am incredibly grateful that I had this opportunity to discover more about myself and my experiences.

Venue: The Roundhouse Theatre, Chalk Farm Road, Camden, NW1 8EH

The project provided children with an opportunity to learn new exciting media skills such as camera operation, interviewing and creative planning and thinking, whilst also facilitating a shared sense of experience and achievement amongst children. Over the four days the children created a magazine show with interviews and features as well as scrap books of their week and a DVD of the final show to provide lasting memories. There will be an informal screening of the final show at Roundhouse in April/May.