The Roundhouse 2012

In Spring 2012 we collaborated with the Roundhouse Theatre to deliver a week long film making course for children in care. The project provided children with an opportunity to learn new exciting media skills such as camera operation, interviewing and creative planning and thinking, whilst also facilitating a shared sense of experience and achievement amongst children. Over the four days the children created a magazine show with interviews and features as well as scrap books of their week and a DVD of the final show to provide lasting memories. A great time was had by all and here is what some of the young people said about the week:


“I want to come here again. And be a millionaire. I want to use these skills.”


“It was very enjoyable and it was a good experience. I met loads of friends and I liked the staff.

The acting and using the equipment was especially good. And friendship – everyone got along.

I’ve done everything. I’ve been doing interviewing, acting, filming, everything basically.

I want to do something in the movie industry in the future.”


“It was great fun, it was a good experience.

The visualised mixer and the editing was especially good.

I’d like it to be a bit longer – a week and half, two weeks maybe.”


“I really enjoyed the course, I thought it was fun and it helped build my confidence. I liked how people who were in care or adopted all got together – we all got to know each other.

I liked the Japanese puppet, I liked filming as well.

I think we could have had more time together.”


“I enjoyed the course. It was great fun. Learning how to use the camera and acting was really fun.

We went to the circus too and saw some people dancing – it was really fun.

I’d like to be an actor and a singer so I think this has helped me a bit.”


“I enjoyed making new friends.

We’ve been filming, going in front of the camera. I’d like to do some more acting in the future.”


“I really liked the course. I particularly enjoyed getting to do videoing with proper professional cameras.

I liked going outside and asking the public what they thought about adoption and care kids. We got to write the question so we got to say what we wanted to say.

If I could change anything I’d like to make the course longer! And more time on some of the things I enjoyed such as videoing outside.

I’ve made some new friends and enjoyed working with them. 

In the future I’d like to go back out into the public and have the chance to ask more questions. I’d like to make a documentary and put it on TV one day.”


“Apart from missing one day because I wasn’t well, I really thoroughly enjoyed the course. I found it very beneficial because it’s something I want to do in the future.

The staff are really really friendly. And the people I’ve met along the way, seeing as we have the same circumstances. Because we have similar backgrounds I find that we can relate to each other a little bit more. We can’t really judge each other because we come from roughly the same background.

If I were going to change it I’d make it longer!

In the future I want to do photography, acting or dancing – anything in the media profession.”