Our Impact


Through our summer camps, monthly activity days and our creative connections events we have brought together many brothers and sisters seperated in care. Whilst we are keen to reach as many siblings as possible we also ensure that our work is of a high standard in delivering the meaningful and sustained contact siblings need. We therefore highlight the positive impacts our activities have had the lives of those who those who have been a part of them below. Through our pilot programmes we are striving to develop successful models that can be shared as good practice and rolled out on a larger scale throughout the UK.



Outcomes from Pilot Camps:

  • 100% beneficiaries on the camp continue to have increased sibling contact
  • 95% beneficiaries say they are happier as a result of the camp
  • 60% beneficiaries say they have increased self esteem

Monthly activity days

The young people attending have made friends and formed a strong bond together and with our team with the activity days providing an element of continuity and consistency for these young people that has been missing from their buy valtrex in the uk lives. Throughout the year we help each child to continue to meet their sibling(s) as much as possible.

Policy work

In terms of policy impact, Siblings Together has given evidence and advice on looked after children to policy makers, politicians, ministers and Parliamentary committees. As a member of the steering group developing the 2010 NICE guidance for looked after children, Siblings Together ensured the inclusion of clear policy on the importance of maintain sibling relationships within this. Siblings Together has also convened a policy interest group bringing together chief executives of organisations working with looked after children to strengthen lobbying on this issue.


For  further information on the impact of our work please view our annual reports:

Siblings Together Camp Evaluation Report 2011: download

Siblings Together Monthly Activity Day Evaluation Report 2011: download

Siblings Together Camp Evaluation Report 2010: download

In the media 

We also strive to raise the profile of the issue of sibling contact by working with the media. To listen to some of our radio interviews and read articles please visit our media page.