S.T Quilting Group

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The Siblings Together Quilting Group is the result of a chance meeting between Lynne Goldsworthy from Lily’s Quilts and her sister. This meeting culminated in the realisation of the previously unreachable goal, to provide homemade quilts for those children participating in the summer camps run by Siblings Together. The response to the appeal by Lynne has been truly overwhelming and we are greatly thankful to Lynne and everyone else who has sent in quilts. We take pictures of every quilt that gets sent into our office. You can view some of these on our Facebook page and our Twitter. We are thankful and greatly moved by this show of support for the children and undoubtedly they will share our gratitude.

The quilts are cost free to the charity, we are supported by fantastic quilters from all around the world who as a group, or individual quilters, send us in beautiful quilts out the kindness of their heart.

bolton articleSiblings Together are supported worldwide by lovely people who knit blankets to give to separated siblings.


This beautiful poem about what a quilt meant to one young person:

If you’re feeling lonely

And you don’t know what to do,

Wrap this quilt around you,

And love will come shining through.

You may not always be together,

But forever in your hearts

Is a love so strong, unbreakable,

It cannot come apart.

And every stitch is sewn with love,

With colours to brighten your day,

The pattern chosen carefully,

To remind you of your stay.

So take your quilt and treasure it,

Let it be your joy and pride,

Remember all the special times

With your sibling by your side.

It all started in 2012, with 100 amazing quilts made that were absolutely beautiful.

If you would like to view more Quilts please visit the Quilting Groups Flickr page: Siblings Together Flickr group.

And much more information can be found on the new Siblings Together Quilt Blog where updates, photos and tutorials can be found.