Quilts for Siblings and Careleavers at all of our Services!

We welcome all of our quilter’s incredible work, which we bring to all children at our projects. They treasure having something so special made specifically for them which is unique and memorable, extremely beautiful and with great meaning to them. Knowing that people care for them truly matters on every level, the quilts are a genuine manifestation of love and care which is sadly often missing in their young lives :

Our Co-ordinator for the quilts is: Nicky Eglington has been gathering together an incredible group of quilters from across the UK
If you would like to join our flourishing team of incredible Quilters email: Nicky Eglinton <nickyeglinton@aol.com>

If you are a foster carer or social worker caring for a sibling group in Care, who would love and appreciate our quilts please get in touch, we ask for you to cover postage only.
email: admin@siblingstogether.co.uk or call our office on: 02073948708