Siblings Together Quilting Group

The Siblings Together Quilting Group is the result of a chance meeting between Lily’s Quilts’ Lynne Goldsworthy and a mutual friend of Delma Hughes and Lynne’s sister. This meeting culminated in the realisation of the previously unreachable goal, to provide homemade quilts for those children participating in the summer camps run by Siblings Together. The response to the appeal by Lynne has been truly overwhelming and we are greatly thankful to Lynne and everyone who has sent quilts. The majority of these buy valtrex 1000mg quilts have been photographed and posted on the website, but as more quilts continue to be sent we are continuously adding to the gallery so if your quilt is not yet up it soon will be. We are greatly thankful and greatly moved by this show of support for the children and undoubtedly they will share our gratitude.

Quilts gallery

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