Quilting for Siblings Camps



We are really grateful to Lily’s quilts who are making lots of beautiful quilts for this year’s camps. Click here to view the quilts they have made and click here to read their blog.

We are also really grateful to one fo the quilters for writing us this beautiful poem:


If you’re feeling lonely

And you don’t know what to do,

Wrap this quilt around you,

And love http://www.ativan777.com will come shining through.

You may not always be together,

But forever in your hearts

Is a love so strong, unbreakable,

It cannot come apart.

And every stitch is sewn with love,

With colours to brighten your day,

The pattern chosen carefully,

To remind you of your stay.

So take your quilt and treasure it,

Let it be your joy and pride,

Remember all the special times

With your sibling by your side.