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Monday 27th October

All finally arrived safely to camp yesterday evening after a long long day of travel.
had a lot of fun in the Art Room and dressing up was the focus of the evening with an entire fashion show complete with music paraded for the volunteers and staff!!, what a group of fashionist’as we have in our midst. This promises to be a real fun and very interesting week ahead. All out Kayaking, high ropes and raft-building this today with evening of games and storytelling with Keiran who has worked with our charity before ! ;-).
Hot chocolate being made by the gallon and well appreciated for those chilly activities.. and at bedtime of course. We also have some great young dancers at camp who have began a nightly workshop of new moves for us all to follow..Weather may be less than perfect but hey what’s a little drizzle when your with your siblings.





Sunday 29th July – As all of us volunteers had arrived two days previously, we were all very excited for the arrival of the sibling groups.  The first group arrived around 1pm and from then on it was all hands on deck.  Tents were made as homey as possible, everyone made a personalised name sign for their tent and everyone was fed on arrival by our amazing volunteer chef.  Each sibling group was introduced to their mentor(s) and the rest of the day was spent getting to know one another.  In the evening we were treated to our first storytelling session by our wonderful volunteer storyteller Atinuke.

Monday 30th July – Sleeping under the stars was magical, but it certainly made for a cold night.  With the first night behind us we were all raring to go.  The action packed week began with high ropes (nothing else could have raised our adrenaline levels higher and got our hearts pumping quicker than this challenge!).  To be honest, I think the volunteers were more scared than the siblings, but we all made it through with some excellent team work and support for each other.  In the afternoon we all learnt to surf the Welsh waves.  As the majority of us had never surfed before this was an activity full of lots of toppling off and tumbling over the boards.  Despite lots of missed waves everyone had a fantastic time learning this new skill.  In the evening some of the siblings began making their scrapbooks which were to be filled gradually with pictures, phrases, cuttings etc. throughout the week as a lasting memory of their camp experience.  Those who chose to, also began to learn the camp dance which was to be performed at the party on Friday night, taught by our very own dance teacher.

Tuesday 31st July – With the bar set so high on Monday, Tuesday was going to need an extra special activity (particularly as the rain was determined to make itself known).  To begin we were taught how to become an archer.  Despite the rain, some excellent arrows were shot and you never know, we may have inspired a future Olympian.  However, the afternoon activity was to prove one of the most popular – Coasteering.  This involves manoeuvring around the coastline by swimming, clambering on the coastline rocks and if brave enough, jumping in.  After this activity, everyone was absolutely buzzing and our yummy dinner was wolfed down as we were all so excited and tired.

Wednesday 1st August – There were many tired siblings and volunteers at the breakfast table on Wednesday morning, but this did not stop us from jumping in the minibus and heading straight off for a spot of kayaking.  Once we had mastered this art, we peeled ourselves out of our wetsuits, dried off, warmed up and continued on into the Welsh countryside for weaselling, rock climbing and abseiling.  Both siblings and volunteers conquered many of their fears of small spaces and heights during these activities, pushed on by the continuous positivity and support of all those on the camp.  The evening was spent like the ones that had gone before, decorating scrapbooks, learning some pretty cool dance moves, listening to the breathtaking storyteller, drinking hot chocolate and snuggling down for a well earned sleep.

Thursday 2nd August – You could almost touch the excitement resonating around the camp on Thursday morning.  Today was horse riding day.  Every camper was designated a horse to look after for the day and was taught how to care for it, for example we were taught how to brush the horse and even make pretty patterns in their hair.  After everyone had managed to mount their horse we were taught how to trot safely.  We then took part in a Gymkhana, expertly lead by Delma herself!  Upon leaving the stables, some emotional goodbyes were exchanged between horse and carer.

Friday 3rd August – On Friday we were introduced to a local expert on bush craft.  This was to prove to be an extraordinary day.  In teams, we built shelters made completely from the natural environment surrounding us, we lit a fire, (un)successfully cooked sausages, crawled around without being seen or heard and found one another just through the use of sound.  We took a break from pretending to be Bear Grylls to dress up (some in fancy dress, others in their party outfits) and head up to the beautifully decorated roundhouse at the top of the hill for our Siblings Together party.  The dancers performed their groovy moves, we had an endless supply of BBQ food and the resident dog got enough cuddles to last a lifetime.  Towards the end of the party, underneath the starry sky we all sat around on haystacks to listen to the storyteller tell her last set of stories for the week and watch whilst they were acted out by some of the siblings.  To cap our wonderful, fun filled last full day off, we went on a night walk.  Everybody was excited to be walking through the forest in the pitch black, following each other’s lead (even the volunteers were slightly unnerved).  This was a truly magical end to a magnificent week together.

Saturday 4th August – Throughout the camp relationships blossomed within and between sibling groups and with the many volunteers who gave their time to make the camp happen.  To say goodbye, each camper was presented with a certificate to celebrate the many talents and achievements that shone throughout the week.  They were also given a quilt, each made specifically for the Siblings Together camps by the quilting group which has members from across the globe.  Each quilt was chosen specifically for each camper by their mentor(s) to ensure each quilt matched the personality of the camper.  Volunteers were thanked with a gift from their sibling group and then it was time to say goodbye.