Siblings Ahoy

Sibling groups went on a very exciting sailing trip in July 2012

Sailing Trip

In July we went on an 10 day sailing trip for groups of siblings. It was a fantastic trip starting from Holyhead sailing to the Isle of Man on to Northern and Southern Ireland to the final destination Millford Haven, Pembrookshire, where we met the residential camp. The trip was sponsored by Capstone Fostercare and it was a great learning experience for the siblings.

This was our first ever sailing trip, sponsored by Capstone Fostercare; we had two experienced skippers on aboard who ensured valtrex get rid of cold sores this was a great enjoyable learning experience for all.












Canal Boat trips in London

We are running canal boat trips for siblings during our London Monthly Activity days.  We regularly make good use of the boats at our centre. We visit local attractions along the way such as zoos, stately homes, national parks and museums. We will also bring our own creative games and art workshops for the journeying aspect of the trip and we will film and take photographs for the siblings’ family albums along the journey.