Our Work

We provide a range of recreational, creative and educational activities for children separated by care.

  • Monthly Activity Days: A monthly opportunity for Brothers & Sisters to get together regularly at our centres in North and South London and partake in a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities, supported by highly trained volunteers, led and supervised by skilled professional staff.
  • Residential Camps: An opportunity for siblings to share and adventure holiday together buy valtrex together at one of our beautiful bases at the edge of the Pembrokeshire National Park. trying a wide range of activities such as Creative Art’s, Scrapbook Photoalbums, Horse Riding, Surfing, Climbing, Bushcraft, Kayaking, Coasteering.
  • Buddy Project:¬†Working with partners such as Local Childrens services to ensure that Brothers & Sisters get the opportunity to spend positive time together, with their .
  • Creative Connections/Creative Retreats : a programme of creative workshops and activities for those leaving care or care experienced adults, to devlope a safe space to explore creativity, build positive networks & relationships, Identity, life choices. A place to pause and reflect
  • Youth Mentor Training weekend programmes for care experienced people wanting to learn more about ‘Safeguarding’ and ‘Keeping safe’.
  • Siblings Ahoy: Tall Ships and boating trips for Brothers & Sisters to share exciting teamwork and adventures together
  • Consultancy and Training workshops, wanting to know more about the different dynamics and complexities of siblings relationships. We have vast expertise in this area unlike any teams in the UK.