Feedback from Carers and Social Workers

“The girls have gone to Siblings together camp for the last two years and felt beneficial in developing their independence skills away from the carers whilst also giving the carers a break.”

“Our foster child had the most amazing time with her sisters. She did so many activities and has wonderful memories of the week. Whenever we talk about it a huge smile spreads across her face as she recalls the things she did”

“The three sisters enjoyed themselves so much they want to go again next year, they loved the fact buy valtrex cheap online that they had so many memories to bring home with them and were keen to show these to people close to them.”

”¬†lots of safe fun, lots of smiles and none stop excitment when the boys came home”

“The girls really enjoyed some quality time with their brother”

“An amazing opportunity for siblings who live apart to have a week together taking part in a whole range of fun activities while enjoying each other’s company, they loved the staff there and wanted it to carry on for longer…thank you!”