Monthly Activity Days

To refer a young person to a Monthly where can u buy valtrex Activity Day, please fill in the MADs Referral Form BLANK 2019, and send back to For more information about referrals, click here.

Click here to find out more about MADs in a PDF, or read below for a condensed version.


At locations in North London and  South London. We never publicize the exact location so please email us for further information on locations.

In cases where we go on days out, in certain circumstances it may be easier to meet at the venue. If this is the case, social workers and carers will be notified with at least 48 hours in advance. In all other cases, please meet at our centre.


Our South London MADs run on the 3rd Saturday of each month. Our North London MADs run on the last Saturday and Sunday of each month. Young people are to be dropped off at the centre for 11am and are to be picked up again at 4pm. These times must be adhered to for the benefit of the group. If the young person is to arrive by his/herself, please let us know at least 24 hours in advance.


One of the key strands of our charity are Monthly Activity Days. After piloting successful residential camps, we found that there was an unmet need to provide separated siblings regular contact throughout the year at a stable location. Whilst the camps provide quality time for those able to attend them, it was evident that camps are not accessible to all sibling groups and that support for on-going contact is also required.

Many of the children would only meet with their siblings and possibly parents in social service’s contact rooms where they would compete for attention, were monitored and could only spend an hour or so together every few months. We therefore designed the MAD to facilitate regular, consistent and fun contact between siblings, in turn enabling them to re-frame and develop their sibling relationships. Our approach is to be ‘actively therapeutic’, offering enjoyable and meaningful experiences and building positive, lifelong family bonds.

How much?

We require a contribution of £50 per day, per young person. This contribution helps towards the running of the day. You will be invoiced details on the referral form.