Help fund our work

We are always seeking funding to enable us to continue to support siblings separated by care and to develop our activities so that they can reach as many children as possible. Any money you can give will go directly to funding the cost of running our residential camps, monthly activity days and the other opportunities we organise for children, helping us to deliver high quality services with the meaningful results that these activities produce for siblings.

To find out more about the impact Siblings Together has on separated siblings, please read our success stories.

Please click on the piggy bank opposite to make a donation.

For our residential camps here are some examples of what your money will fund:

£0.50 pays for a bar of soap for camp

£2 pays for a jar of hot chocolate

£4 pays for each straw bail for our children to sit on

£4 buys a reflective jacket

£6 buy valtrex in australia buys a birthday cake

£7 buys us a sack of coal for the arger

£8 buys a torch

£10 pays for DVD if the evening is wet & rainy

£15 buys an airbed

£20 pays for a CRB check for a volunteer

£20 board game

£30 Laundry costs for the week

£35 buys a sleeping bag

£50 buys us a digital camera or logs for the week

£70 buys a tent

£100 gives us a survival skills tutor for a morning or pays for volunteer travel expenses

£400 pays for the camp artist in residence for a week

£500 for all day riding lessons and trek for 15 people, or art material & photography for the week, or a minibus for the week

£800 pays towards our insurance

£10,000 Pays toward an entire camp for the week

£1,000 pays for the rental of our house/base for the week or for the food for the week

£2,500 pays for all activities for the week