Joining our Creative Retreats:

Careleavers of all ages are welcome to join our ‘Creative Reateats’ which have been running for the past 8 years in a wide variety of settings across the UK.
We select centres in rural locations as we noted that we all enjoy the countryside and nature, even if initially this is different for those from the cities. There is no upper age limit for attendees, we ask that those who are working contribute towards the cost of their stay.
We offer a chance to join our community of Writers, Poets, Artists, who want to dip into their creativity and hopefully share this within a week-long residential.
We endeavour to invite writers poets artists from all walks of life, to share their skills and gifts with our groups for workshops over the week. Our experience is one of being
in the company of others having a chance to be reflective, attend workshops and ensure you can gain much individual strength and skills from their experience.
This is a safe reflective programme facilitated by highly skilled Art Psychotherapist.