Siblings Together Writing week.

We have recently returned from a very creative week at the Arvon foundation’s centre of Toleigh Barton near the village of Sheepwash, Devon. In conjunction with the staff of siblings together the tutors for the week were Karen McCarthy Woolf and Jacob Ross who were integral to the week making it an amazing experience for the young people. Lemn Sissay was the visiting poet and his contribution was phenomenal he truly inspired the young people with his poetry. I would also like to extend a special thanks to the team from Bradford who complemented our own team very well. The week was very important in offering young people who have a passion for creative writing the opportunity to be guided and helped in a friendly and supportive environment. Although this is all well and good, myself writing about the week, the absolute best way for the reader to understand how this week has helped the young people is by letting you read some of their comments:

“it was brilliant”

“it helped me a lot”

“I buy valtrex tablets came down to learn some new skills for writing, and I learned a lot.”

“I have achieved writing a piece of work that I’m proud of.”

“The course is great. I loved it.”

“It was life changing for me”

We have compiled the pieces of work produced by the participants into an anthology, which is available to anyone interested in having a read through the stories and poetry of the young people. Contact about this:

In addition to our experiences with the activities the facilities and service provided by the Arvon foundation were excellent. The food which was provided by the foundation was of the best quality, locally produced meat and vegetables. We all cooked delicious together in alternate teams which provided young people with a sense of achievement and independence.

Arvon have invited us back for our next week, where we will be looking at their Yorkshire residential at Lumb Bank House also!

Many thanks to The Arts council England for helping to fund the writers week.

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